I learnt how to run a successful online business.

I want you to do the same.

My online business school, Boomer Business School, teaches baby boomers how to build a business they love, reinvent retirement, travel more, be creative and most importantly, be free.

Helping others build a thriving online business really makes me happy. I have finally found the kind of work were I can make a meaningful contribution, unlike some of my past jobs that were all about profit and politics rather than people and passion. 

To me, genuine success is to pass my knowledge, skills and experience on to business owners that want to step-up their understanding of today's digital business practices and help baby boomers who are hungry to remain vital and engaged with the world. People over 50 who are keen to achieve the freedom they deserve and keep making money well into retirement years.

Through my business, I get to be the real me. But this wasn’t always the case. I wasn’t always truly in charge of my life.



Much of the last 28 years has been spent working in hotel management for global companies. For the biggest names out there. Names like Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Marriott International and their brands W Hotels, Sheraton and Le Meridien. I was also part of the launch team for NUO, an new luxury brand developed in China between BTG and Kempinski


I worked in international hotel management in leadership roles and I worked very long hours. As a single mother of two boys, I had financial obligations and for better or worse, I did what I had to to do to survive in all those demanding corporate environments.



Even though I never had a formal education beyond high school, I always excelled in work. My inner resourcefulness, creativity, ingenuity and drive served me well. I’ve always thrown myself at things and just worked out how to do them on the go. Often through trial and error.

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From the outside, to all my family and friends, I looked like I was living the dream. I was on the road all the time. I travelled extensively between the Pacific and Asia, North and South America, the UK and Europe.

But you know what? Deep down I wasn’t happy. In fact, I was feeling drained. Even a little bitter. Why? Because I wasn’t able to be truly myself. I gave and gave and yes, I got my monthly salary but in the end, the money didn't ease the stress and side-effects of overworking. It felt like I was putting all my energy and passion into work but getting little in return.

You see, when I was working for big companies, I was playing by their rules, fulfilling their needs. I was giving over all my creativity and time. In fact, in my last position I was entitled to one day off a week but due to the demands of the business at the time, it was almost impossible to ever take that day to rest. 

I was close to burn out and making a lot of compromises to survive in the job. In the end, struggling with pain from an injury, stress from company politics and game-playing, I was left with the feeling "there's got to be more in life". Do you ever feel like that?

Do you want to be free of all that, too? 



is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it ”

- Maya Angelou

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Since a very early age, I travelled near and far thanks to my parents who infected me with the travel bug after taking family vacations through Asia and the Pacific when I was a teenager in the 70's. Its no wonder I couldn't wait to leave school and start my first job as a Junior Travel Consultant at 16!

Now I'm 55, and since leaving my corporate job I have been travelling non-stop to my favourite destinations and staying for free as I run my online business from anywhere.

If you love to travel, my Boomer Nomad course may be of interest. Click here for more information >>> . 



Working for international hotels & resorts has provided me with a range of work and life experiences in Australia and Asia. I've lived in some fabulous destinations and met wonderful people in Sydney, Darwin (Northern Territory), Cairns (Great Barrier Reef), Noosa (Unesco Biosphere Reserve), Thailand, China and the Maldives.

But I am happier now spending more time with family and friends and travelling the world. Now, I work when I want and from anywhere I want.




I'm very proud of my sons who are now in their 30's. As a young mother in my 20's, the only life advice I gave them was what I believed to be true at the time. I would actually give the same advice today "just be yourself" and "find out what you love to do, and just do it" (As a young mom I think the popularity of that famous slogan from sports brand Nike, backed me up) 

I come from a family of five girls and although we are all very different, my sisters are my dearest friends. My mum is in her late 80's and I'm enjoying spending more time with her now I'm not stuck in a job. 

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