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During her corporate career, Deb was an expert in luxury marketing, a trainer, presenter and media spokesperson for global companies. She has also been a presenter and panellist at one of Australia’s largest eCommerce conferences and is now earning a reputation for helping baby boomers reinvent retirement, make money, work less and travel more.


It’s Never Too Late To Start An Online Business

Through her signature course, “Boomer Business Masterclass”, Deb reveals all the secrets to how baby boomers can turn their skills and expertise gathered during decades of work, or take a life-long passion or hobby and turn it into an online business. Her eBook 'The Wave' communicates a clear message that time isn’t going against boomers for a fresh start in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond. It is their secret weapon and there’s never been a better time to reinvent the next phase of life. 


The Biggest Obstacle Is….You!

Deb helps baby boomers turn their skills and expertise learned during a career, into an online business, from scratch. Yes, it takes a little bit of effort to turn up and learn something new for a couple of hours a week and then put that knowledge into practice however, the biggest challenge for people over 50 starting out fresh in the modern digital world isn’t quite what you think….


Freedom Lifestyle

Most of us dream of the day we’ll pack our bags and start a real-life adventure - travelling more and working less. Some believe this freedom only comes when we retire but Deb decided to become a marketing nomad at 53 and now at almost 55 travels full time for less than what she would pay to stay at home. So how can other baby boomers stuck in a job or business and feeling trapped to do the same?


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Media Requests and Interviews

Deb is available to share her business strategies and baby boomer insights with media and business publications.

Through the ages there have been periods of great opportunity that rise from technological advancements. I call these periods ’Innovation Waves’ and we are in one right now that places Baby Boomers in a unique position to use their knowledge and experience to catch and ride that wave to a new kind of retirement
— Deb Mac